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Both students and teachers alike, everybody is puzzled about Mrs. Pandit`s changed avatar. What triggered this change? Will Mrs. Pandit change her decision to expel Jay? Will Jay`s parent`s decision to visit a Child Psychologist prove beneficial? -- Watch Just Mohabbat to get the answers to all these questions.Just Mohabbat is a story of a sensitive young boy, Jay and his wonder days of school and growing up. Jay lives in a hostel inDehradun away from his parents Maya and Raj and his sister Priya. The story is about Jay and his imaginary friend who headores. It tells stories of growing up: school, teachers, girls, lectures, friendship, best friends and first love. It alsodeals with how the decisions made by the parents and the way they behave with their children and in society, impacts thechildren`s personality and lifestyle. Every child is a little insecure and it is the parent`s responsibility of providingthem with love and comfort and a secure environment to grow up in. Just Mohabbat is a story that shows the lighter side ofthe teenage years and growing up.